About Us

Auxilium clinic is the brainchild of Dr. Sakshi Singh, a homoeopathic physician. Auxilium meaning providing aid or help in Latin is our core philosophy and we aim to treat patients in a holistic way.

Our treatment doesn’t just focus on giving remedy for the disease but also incorporates thorough lifestyle guidance and counseling of the patients. The aim is to treat the underlying condition and providing a permanent solution for it instead of just removing the symptoms.


Dr. Sakshi Singh, is a young and enthusiastic Homoeopathic physician who believes in holistic health of her patients. She has completed her B.H.M.S from the prestigious Dr. B.R. SUR HOMOEOPATHIC COLLEGE, HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTRE, Run By the govt of NCT of Delhi, India where she has presented a thesis on “ROLE OF HOMOEOPATHY IN BRONCHIAL ASTHMA“.

“ Being a homoeopathic physician for me means a lot more than just dispensing medicine. I believe that the ultimate aim of any prescription should be to cure all the underlining conditions of the patient and not just relieving the superficial  symptoms. I have seen great results of this pathy and think that it has immense potential.”—Dr. Sakshi Singh

She has clinical experience of dealing with a wide range of illnesses like paediatric troubles, gynaecological issue, skin disease, respiratory ailments, mental diseases, behavioural and personality disorders, joint diseases, gastrointestinal issues etc. Currently practicing at Auxilium clinic, she ensures to address all the queries of her patients be it about the disease or medicine.

Our Approach

At Auxilium we follow the classical approach of dispensing homoeopathic medicine to all our patients. Homeopathic medicine runs on the belief that signs and symptoms of any disease are mere external manifestation of some internal derangement and in order to fully cure the disease it is necessary to treat its root cause.

At our clinic, every treatment begins with detailed case taking sessions. Full details of patients ailments and its constitutions are taken into consideration. Only after doing an elaborative study of all the intrinsic aspects of the patients we decide on the most effective remedy. We also ensure that the patient understands the full scope and limitations of the disease as well as the treatment given.


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